Monday, December 30, 2013

Past Lectures in Computational Biophysics

DateSpeakerLecture Title
24-May-2016Dr. Rati
Theoretical study of cell polarity in response to a gradient signal
7-Jun-2016Nash RochmanGrowing Old: how does age-related heterogeneity
really impact growth rate
21-Jun-2016Dr. Jin Seob KimSelf-organization of keratin intermediate filaments
5-Jul-2016Dr. Kaushik
Mapping functional group free energy patterns and ligand efficacies from conformational dynamics of beta-adregenic GPCR
19-Jul-2016Dr. Julia
Köhler Leman
New developments of modeling membrane proteins in Rosetta
Using molecular dynamics to study the elastic properties of β-barrel membrane proteins
16-Aug-2016Chris BohrerThe Chromosomes Fight Against Disorder in E. coli
30-Aug-2016Dr. Yasser
Thin Filament Activation Role in a Biophysically-Accurate Electro-Mechanics Modeling of Human Heart
13-Sep-2016Max KleinAnalyzing Rare Events in Biochemical Networks Using Enhanced Sampling
27-Sep-2016Collin TokheimMutational hotspots in cancer: a protein structure-driver relationship
11-Oct-2016Dr. Ana DamjanovicChallenges and recent method developments in constant pH simulations
25-Oct-2016Andrei KucharavyGeometric model of adaptation of complex heterogeneous systems
8-Nov-2016Athena ChenSpatial Cell Modelling: Applications and Evaluation of Methodologies
Optimization of interface interaction networks by constraining against misinteractions
28-Feb-2017Prof. Alex MacKerellElectronic Polarization in Macromolecular Structure and Dynamics: Development and Application of a Polarizable Force Field based on the Classical Drude Oscillator
21-Mar-2017Dr. Yukun WangSpontaneous formation of structurally diverse membrane channel architectures from a single antimicrobial peptide
4-Apr-2017Prof. Sagar KhareLarge-scale prediction, characterization and modulation of protease enzyme specificity using computation and experiment
11-Apr-2017Jeliazko Jeliazkov
(Jeff Gray lab)
Modeling and Docking of Antibody Structures
16-May-2017Jennifer Lu
(Steven Salzberg Lab)
Computational Challenges in Sequenced-Based Medical Diagnoses
23-May-2017Dr. Osman Yogurtcu
(Margaret Johnson Lab)
Cytoplasmic proteins exploit membrane recruitment to trigger assembly

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